The First Digital and Mobile Co-operative Banking Platform.

Good Money has a revolutionary idea:You should own the businesses you buy from just by purchasing products or services from those businesses.

With any major brand, customer activity is the primary driver of business value. For example, Wells Fargo has 70m customers and is worth over $214bn and is primarily owned by a small group of wealthy investors. If you divide the $214bn value of Wells Fargo by the numbers of customers, you get $3,057.14. Without consumers there is not much value for big consumer brands, yet historically fat-cat Wall Street bankers and the 1% have captured nearly all of this wealth creation.

At Good Money, we make all customers owners while helping change a corrupt and broken system that destroys the planet and benefits the 1%.

Early adopters of Good Money who refer friends and become active customers have the potential to earn more upside by helping us transform banking.

If Good Money is as valuable as Wells Fargo in the future, the value of your ownership could exceed $100,000.

In the US, there is a long tradition of co-ops and credit unions aligning the interests of the entity with the interest of its customers. This model motivates the entities to provide better service, rebates on products and more transparency than companies that don’t offer customers an ownership opportunity.

The form of ownership offered by credit unions and co-ops, however, doesn’t allow users to participate in the economic upside as the credit union or co-op becomes more successful.

Good Money is the first digital and mobile co-operative to change this system.

With Good Money, anyone can join and become an owner using their phone. When you sign up and use the platform, you earn Good Shares. Unlike a credit union, these Shares become more valuable as we grow Good Money, together.

This simple change re-aligns incentives and gives our customers a new kind of access to wealth creation, previously reserved for wealthy Wall Street investors and the 1%.

We believe that customers should be fundamentally empowered to expect ownership from businesses they buy from.

How do I get ownership?

When you join Good Money, you immediately become an owner and earn Good Shares for doing things like installing the app, linking an existing bank account, transferring money into your Good Money account and building the Good Money community. The earlier you join, and the more you use Good Money, the more Shares you get.

What are Shares, and how do they work?

Good Shares are actual shares of Good Money that will be issued to our customers. You will earn them when you engage with the platform and you will be able to track the estimated value of those shares over time. While we can’t make any guarantees of future value, we can tell you that if we all work together to build the value of Good Money, the value of your shares will grow over time.

How Shares become more valuable.

Good Shares become more valuable as more customers join. Think of it like a rock rolling downhill, gathering moss… As the rock rolls it gathers more moss and becomes more powerful. Good Money is the same; as Good Money owners spread the word and more people join and use the platform, the value increases. As our value goes up, the more power we have to shift the balance of the financial system and use it for Good.

Earn rewards and Good Shares with every swipe of your debit card.

Really. It’s that simple.

The projected value of the next spot on our waiting list is:

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The most socially progressive of the bunch.
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50% of the profits it makes, it funnels toward the planet through impact investments and charitable donations.
Good Money puts its customers' values at the core of its business model.