Banks are owned by bankers, Good Money is owned by you. 1

Good Money is the world’s first digital banking platform where we make every customer an owner and allocate 50% of our profits to social and environmental impact. No greenwashing. NO BS. 2

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4% Yield (2% Good Shares + 2% cash)

The Best Banking Experience Possible.

4%Earn 2% cash + 2% Good Shares on your deposits
$0No overdraft, minimum balance, or ATM fees (at 35,000 locations)
50%of our profits fund social and environmental impact3
The most socially progressive of the bunch.
New York Times
Mobile banking startup that gives ownership stakes to customers
The Wall Street Journal
50% of the profits it makes, it funnels toward the planet through impact investments and charitable donations.
Good Money puts its customers' values at the core of its business model.

Welcome to #ownerlife

Good Money is the first digital banking platform where every customer becomes an owner. After centuries of banks owning you, it’s time for you to be an owner.

Early adopters of Good Money who refer friends and become active customers have the potential to earn more upside by helping us transform banking.

One banking platform to rule them all.

  • 😍4% Deposit Yield (2% cash + 2% Good Shares)3
  • 💳Bonus Good Shares back on purchases
  • ⚖️50% of Profits Power Global Impact5
  • 🔥No overdraft, minimum balance, or ATM fees (at 35,000 locations)6
  • 💰Automated Savings
  • 💸Built-in Budgeting
  • 🙊We’ll help you break up with your old bank

How we make money Good


If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

Surprise! Banking is broken. 🙀

’Big Banks’ make their money by collecting interest on loans to industries that destroy the planet and promote social injustice.


They make these loans using the money you deposit in the bank and keep the profits for themselves.

Then, with less shame than your dog after he pees on the rug, they charge you fees.

The average bank customer gets hit with $360 a year in fees in exchange for what? Crappy banking services.


‘Big Banks’ get away with this BS because they only answer to an exclusive group of Wall St. bankers.

Those investors give zero [email protected]*ks about you. 🙃

These same bankers are more than happy to make money at the expense of everyone else - including you and the planet.


We’re cancelling the endless cycles of extractive capitalism.

With Good Money, you no longer have to choose between your conscience and your wallet.


Flipping the system on its head meant we had to do something everyone said was crazy:

We’re making every customer an owner.

We’re talking real ownership. Shares. A piece of the Good Money pie.

This reshapes banking and capitalism in two fundamental ways:


First, every member becomes an owner of Good Money.

Now, our success is your success.

When the value of Good Money increases, the value of your Good Shares increases too.


Second, we answer to YOU.

That means your priorities are our priorities.

We use our profits to actively protect and restore the environment, fight for social justice, and expand ownership to everyone.


We believe that you - the person who creates value - should get ownership in our business.

Welcome to #ownerlife. Suck it, banks.


By building the world’s first Good banking platform with you at the center, we're creating the conditions to take over the financial system and use it for Good.

You can get in on the ground floor.

Earn rewards and Good Shares with every swipe of your debit card.

Really. It’s that simple.

Join the movement to make money Good.

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