The future of money is Good.

We’re taking over the financial system and using it for Good. Our first step is giving away Good Money shares to all new members. Now, you own the bank.

We're taking over the financial system and using it for Good.

Our first step is making all new members owners of the bank by giving away Good Money shares.

What is Good Money?

Good Money is a banking platform owned by the people in service of the planet, providing best-in-class mobile banking while empowering citizens to be part of a more equitable and transparent world.

You own the bank

We mean equity. Stock. A piece of the Good Money pie. After eons of banks owning you, it’s time for you to own your bank.

Revolutionary rewards on purchases everywhere.

Earn 5% equity back and plant a tree every time you swipe. No fees, no soul-sucking interest rates.


Hi, yield.

Set goals, get money. Our savings account earns you 2% annually and is FDIC insured.

FDIC Insured

Your account is always free. No ATM fees. No overdraft fees. No minimum balance.

We never understood the idea of getting charged to access your own money, or for not having enough money. Those days are over.

It’s time to make Good investments.

Whether you’re new to investing or a seasoned pro, we want you to make money on your money, and do good at the same time.

Speaking of investments, our ethos is simple: Always do good.

We’re not going to sugar-coat what you already know: your traditional bank invests in war, ecological destruction, and social injustice. We reject this system, and vow to be warriors of planetary goodness. Forever.

Good news is coming

We give 50% of our profits to charity. Suck it, banks.

As owners, every member of Good Money gets to vote on which causes and charities receive 50% of our annual profits. We’re not playing around.

A message from our CEO Gunnar Lovelace

“For the first time in history we’re empowering people to own the businesses they buy from. That’s where true value is created.”

The future of money is Good.

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